About us

We have been caring for our tenants for over 19 years

CityBlock Properties, INC. is an innovative property management company in the Athens area. We understand the individual needs of our tenants. We believe in providing high quality and safe living environment. We are continuously improving our properties to assure satisfaction. CityBlock Properties is a first party management company, we are a full stake holder in all properties that we manage; therefore we have the incentive to keep our properties maintained, rented and our tenant’s happy. CityBlock has been acquiring and managing properties since 2002.

CityBlock has been involved in new construction, development and property rehab. We specialize in design and development of residential and commercial real estate. We take pride in neighborhood rejuvenation by rehabilitating dilapidated homes.

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Our values

We will provide superior quality housing in the most desirable locations at competitive prices.
Going Green
We have committed to incremental improvements to our properties in keeping with protecting nature.
We will constantly find ways to offer a better product for our customers.
We will always conduct ourselves that show pride in what we do.
We are grateful for our tenants in trusting us with providing them with a safe and quality home.
We will strive to conduct our business in the most economic manner so that the savings can be forwarded to our customers.

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