You will find a list of maintenance procedures and guidelines for appliances in your unit below. There are also excerpts from the lease and tenant handbook included for your convenience to better explain your responsibilities as a tenant, as well as us, your landlord.

CityBlock strives to give you the best customer service possible and is committed to do our best to handle your repair, if submitted quickly and efficiently. With that being said, the process of Appliance repair or replacement is complex. We depend on appliance repair companies,
appliance manufacturers, warranty companies and appliance distributors. We do not keep “back-ups” or extra appliances in storage.

When an appliance fails, there is a process in place to repair or get one delivered to you as fast as possible. In most appliance repair cases, a professional appliance repair technician needs to be scheduled to evaluate the appliance, a handy man usually cannot diagnose and repair an
appliance. Through this process there are circumstances that cannot be controlled by CityBlock; the inventory, appliance repair schedule, stock of the repair parts, stock of appliances or the delivery time these companies have.

We understand how important properly functioning appliances are to you so when a maintenance request is submitted through the online maintenance portal for a repair, a vendor is contacted to address the situation.

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