For life threatening emergencies, dial 911. For after hour emergencies, call 678-661-1347 and leave a message, someone will get back to you by the next morning. Emergency situations are defined as circumstances that put your safety in jeopardy or cause the unit to be at risk or uninhabitable. Emergency situations mean that danger or peril is present. When an emergency situation occurs, tenants should call management and describe the emergency as completely as possible. Leave a name and phone number where you can be reached. Emergency calls will be returned soon after they are received.

Emergency situations include:

  • You smell smoke or see something on fire. Call 911 first.
  • You have no water. (Make sure you have paid your water bill first.)
  • Water is leaking from a broken pipe or hot water heater. (Keep water mopped up as much as possible to avoid further damage to unit).
  • All of the plumbing is stopped up and unusable.
  • Heat is not working and the temperature inside your unit drops below 60 degrees.
  • You cannot secure your unit because of a broken window, door or door lock.


Use common sense in evaluating your emergency situation. Please do not call the emergency line for maintenance that can wait until the next business day or to discuss your rental payment

Items that are not considered an emergency:

  • An air conditioning unit that doesn’t cool
  • You have locked yourself out after hours (contact your roommate, hang with a friend or call a locksmith at your expense).

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