For your protection, your unit is equipped with a fire extinguisher. You can remove air from fire by smothering it with an extinguisher or other means. You can slow the fire’s progress by closing interior apartment doors to prevent drafts.

The fire extinguisher is normally located in a kitchen cabinet or closet. It may be located at other locations in the house, please ask management if you are unable to locate your fire extinguisher. Misusing this safety device will require payment of all damages including recharging of the fire extinguisher. Reporting a violator might prevent the loss of life or property should a fire occur. Anyone found with a CityBlock Properties, INC fire extinguisher in his possession, other than for fire use, will be fined. If you have a fire and legitimately discharge the fire extinguisher, please report it to management so that the extinguisher may be recharged for future use.

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