The disposal is designed to grind soft food items only. Do not use the unit for the disposal of paper, string, metal, wood, cleaning supplies, quantities of hot grease, banana peels, glass, pea pods, corn husks or any unreasonable items. There will be a maintenance trip charge if the garbage disposal must be unclogged as a result of any mentioned items fed into the disposal.

If you follow these simple rules in operating your garbage disposal, we believe you will have uninterrupted service without the inconvenience of overflowing sinks, stopped-up plumbing, or other annoyances

1. Turn on the cold water faucet and let water run freely.
2. Turn on the garbage disposal switch.
3. Feed food waste into the disposal. Do not put your finger or metal object into the disposal.
4. Let garbage disposal run for another 30 seconds after the food waste has cleared the disposal. The sound will indicate when it is clear. Continue to let the water run for a minute or more to flush the pipes.

Your garbage disposal will shut off automatically when it is overloaded. To start it again, PUSH THE RED BUTTON ON THE BOTTOM OF THE GARBAGE DISPOSAL. This should restart the unit; if it fails to start or continues to shut off, please report it to maintenance. Never insert your fingers in the drain to unclog a garbage disposal.

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