Act quickly, remove spots and stains before they have a chance to dry or “set.” Always have necessary cleaning equipment on hand. Before attempting removal, be certain that you can identify the spot or stain. DO NOT USE BLEACH!! If you are unsure of what might be the result of your attempt to remove a carpet stain, do not do it, call management. Cleaning Agents: A detergent solution of one teaspoon neutral detergent to one teaspoon of white vinegar mixed in one quart of warm water will neutralize alkaline materials. Dry-cleaning fluid is a solvent useful in the removal of some spots, BUT MUST BE USED WITH CAUTION.

General Cleaning Procedures: If you cannot identify a particular spot or stain, you may:

  • Remove excess materials with a blunt instrument; remove liquids with a clean absorbent material.
  • Apply detergent/vinegar/water solution. Blot gently with a clean, white cloth from solid edge to center.
  • Dry the carpet.
  • Apply dry-cleaning fluid, again wiping gently from the edges of the stain to the center.
  • Dry carpet and brush pile gently to restore original texture.

With any type of cleaning, avoid getting the carpet too wet. Dry it as quickly as possible. Direct air blast from a fan, hair dryer or vacuum cleaner attachment is helpful when drying wall-to-wall carpet. Tenant is responsible for any stains or carpet damage that is not pre-existing.

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