We do not allow paint alteration in most of our properties, especially exterior colors. However, on a case by case basis paint color of the interior walls can be adjusted with the only exception that a professional painting contractor is used and with a written approval letter from our management. Trim and Ceiling color may not be altered. Any paint or decoration must be approved in writing by management. You must submit a written request with a sample of the color you choose to use. Paint color must be neutral. After completing painting, management will inspect the new paint job. If the paint job does not meet professional standards or is not acceptable to management, any discrepancy must be repaired at the tenant’s expense. Any damage caused by the tenant’s painting contractor is the tenant’s responsibility and will be repaired at tenant’s expense.

NOTE: The paint job must be done by a professional painting contractor and a copy of their invoice will need to be presented to Cityblock Properties Management.

Common errors are: paint lines are not straight where two colors come together like trim and wall, wall and ceiling, etc., small drops of paint on the floor or carpet, paint roller or brush streaks, paint drip causing unsightly lines on the wall, and many more. Undoing a bad paint job may be very expensive.

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