If there is storm damage, please do the following:
1. Take several photos; this is necessary for us to assess the damage and respond accordingly. If you have renter’s insurance they would require photos as well.
2. Call us at 678-661-1347 to inform us of the damage in addition to submitting a work order. When you submit the work order, please upload the pictures.
3. Remove any items from the damaged area in order to minimize further damage. If there is water damage, it is very important to secure any electronic devices.
4. When damage is reported, we will coordinate with our contractors to assess the damage and make any needed repairs. Please keep in mind that during widespread weather conditions, we may receive multiple requests for service across several properties and the order of repair will depend on the level of damage and any safety concerns.

We appreciate your assistance in this matter. We remain committed to providing quality housing and prompt response to any tenant concerns as they arise. Thank you for your consideration.

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