Below are references to the lease to guide you through your responsibilities as a tenant and our
liability as a landlord.

Paragraph 10 : “Tenant agrees that if any repairs to be made by Landlord are delayed by
reasons beyond Landlords control, there shall be no effect on the obligations of Tenant under
This Lease.

Paragraph 13: TENANT INSURANCE: Landlord shall not be liable to Tenant, Tenant’s family or
Tenant’s invitees, licensees, and/or guests for damages not proximately caused by Landlord or
Landlord’s agents. Landlord will not compensate Tenant or anyone else for damages
proximately caused by any other source whatsoever, or by Acts of God, and Tenant is therefore
strongly encouraged to independently purchase insurance to protect Tenant, Tenant’s family,
Tenant’s invitees, licensees, and/or guests, and all personal property on the leased premises
and/or in any common areas from any and all damages.

Paragraph 14. CONDITION OF LEASED PREMISES: Tenant hereby acknowledges that Tenant has
examined the leased premises prior to the signing of this Lease, or knowingly waived said
examination. Tenant acknowledges that Tenant has not relied on any representations made by
landlord or Landlord’s agent regarding the condition of the leased premises and that Tenant
takes premises in its AS-IS condition with no express or implied warranties or representation
beyond those contained herein or required by applicable Georgia law.

Exhibit “A” Rules and Regulations
Paragraph 9 . Tenant is responsible for promptly reporting to management, in written form, all
damages done to the premises. Lessee shall be responsible for all damages to his dwelling and
all surrounding dwellings, where applicable, caused by overflow from drains or plumbing due to
the neglect of persons in premises.

Paragraph 17 . All maintenance requests should be presented to management through CityBlock
Properties, Inc. online maintenance request system, describing what maintenance is needed
(maintenance requests must be in writing). Lessee shall incur the expense of any maintenance
request by Lessee where no problem was found or the problem was caused by Lessee

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